Veronika Famira

Legal Counsel & Attorney at Law

After years of experience as a corporate lawyer in an international environment, joining 3VC was the decision to move closer to the client, not stopping when the ink on the contracts is dry, but following-up and contributing to getting them implemented which is a very fascinating and satisfactory experience. Being responsible also for compliance and the legal aspects of ESG gives me the unique opportunity to be part of 3VC’s mindful and very friendly approach to one of the most pressing topics of today.

Concert enthusiast

I love going to concerts. The positive energy that evolves between the performer and the audience during a good concert often continues to resonate within me for a long time and is in my view similar to the positive dynamics that can develop from a good dialogue between founders and investors.

Sport climbing

Having started rather late with sport climbing, I might not be able to reach the top of the most difficult routes, but I still enjoy the body control and the full focus on the next move a lot. It is said that sport climbing consists of 90% failure. Even if it’s true, the 10% success are worth trying every time.