Marius Istrate

Venture Partner
Marius Istrate

Marius Istrate is a hybrid work advocate and ex-Chief People Officer for UiPath, where he grew the company from 120 to 3000 people in the span of 3 years.

Marius is supporting our portfolio founders to build great teams, to set them to perform and to scale the company culture. As tech companies increasingly shift towards remote work, he also guides them through the transformation process in order to reap the benefits while managing the potential pitfalls.

Why 3VC?

The most important question for me, after I left UiPath in February 2020, was “How can I contribute to grow the start-up ecosystem in Europe and in the region, while at the same time getting to know new people and building new meaningful relationships?” With 3VC, I have met a team I am “in tune” with, but, also, a group of people who can challenge me and who I can challenge. I believe the critical path to growth requires vigorous and civilised debate with people who have similar objectives but a diverse background.