Sok-Kheng Taing


Today, I am a partner, leveraging my experience and insights I have gained over the years to support both the current and next generation of innovators. I feel privileged to learn alongside them.

A journey of tech co-founder

My professional career has spanned leadership roles in marketing, sales, and e-commerce. One of the exciting milestones was co-founding Dynatrace, a tech start-up based in Linz, Austria. Today, Dynatrace is a market leader in unified observability and security. These diverse experiences have sharpened my problem-solving skills and my passion for technology and innovation.

Navigating the B2B SaaS sales landscape

In the complex world of enterprise sales, I’ve learned the importance of Go-to-Market strategy (GTM) and early collaboration with the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). It’s crucial to address the most pressing pain points and anticipate upcoming technology transition.

Fueling growth through innovation

I am thrilled by the passion with which founders drive innovation. They confront challenges that have kept them awake for years, unsatisfied with existing market solutions. So, they step up, solve the problem themselves, and in doing so, they help their peers and the world. I’m inspired by such personalities—founders who comprehend the problem in-depth and intuitively know the next steps.

At 3VC, we’re committed to supporting the next generation of ambitious founders with a bold vision, to provide them with an expert network, and intelligent investing.