Petra Moravcova

Investment Team

I started as an investment associate at 3VC and now I’m an investment manager. As part of the investment team, my goal is finding new, industry-leading or category-creating companies to partner with while also supporting our existing portfolio. As a curious person who’s always looking to challenge myself, I find that the VC industry aligns well with my key drivers: learning about cutting-edge technologies, delving into emerging market trends, and working as a team to support ambitious founders and enable positive global change.

My background is rather unconventional in terms of the VC world: I studied architecture in school and later became an operator in agencies and scaleups. But I’ve found that leveraging my audience-centric problem-solving skills and strategic mindset are an asset to the work I do here at 3VC.

Quality over quantity

Cultivating valuable partnerships is something 3VC takes seriously. Instead of the hands-off approach that’s common in this industry, we choose to focus on only 3-4 investments per year so that we have the headspace to work closely with our founders. Brainstorming ideas, sharing resources, supporting talent hunts—we always cater to our founders’ specific needs. This is what makes us a VC powerhouse.

Peak Performance

While one could say I’ve scaled a few proverbial mountains in my career, I’m also an actual mountain enthusiast.

Despite growing up in one of the flattest areas of the river Elbe in the Czech Republic, I’m an avid skier, climber, and hiker—in fact, I recently summited Mt. Kilimanjaro on a trip to Tanzania. More peaks to come!

Broadening my horizons

My eclectic career has allowed me to live all over the world, with each place offering its own unique perspective.

Here are a few that stand out:

  • Living in Prague, I loved the brutalist architecture. Appearing ruthless, but with so much heart. The visual juxtaposition against the pretty Art Nouveau buildings pays homage to the country’s complex history.
  • In Finland, sauna culture reigns supreme. In fact, every residential building must have a sauna! Maybe that’s why the Finns are such warm, open-minded people.
  • China was like living in the future. We were using food delivery apps, car sharing, in-chat and QR code payments well before they were popular in Europe and the U.S.