Ada Moldoveanu

Marketing & Community

In February 2022, I began my journey with 3VC on a part-time basis and later assumed the full-time role of our marketing lead.

I have a proven track record in the European startup scene. With a focus on sales and business development, I’ve been fortunate enough to contribute to the success of companies such as Anyline and Artivive, both based here in Vienna.

What 3VC means to me

Teamwork. I remember once when a colleague needed to take some extended time off—for a small company, this can be a challenge. Instead, the entire 3VC team came together to share the responsibilities and workload, making sure we continued to thrive. That, to me, is true teamwork.

My unexpected superpower

I was born with spinal condition that limits my flexibility. Doctors advised me to avoid high-impact sports, but I took this as a challenge and dabbled in everything—ballet, tennis, snowboarding—you name it. Rather than being an obstacle, my condition helped me gain a profound self-awareness that is reflected in my work: I’ve learned to trust my instincts, push boundaries when necessary, and most importantly, know when to hit the brakes.

A true citizen of the world
I speak 6 languages and love reading books in their original text. The city I fell in love with at first sight was New York City. My favorite airport activity is buying a new book and using my boarding pass as a bookmark.