Alexander Marrapese

Investment Team

My background is in Data Science, I was led into the field by my passion for leveraging data to break down and solve ambiguous problems. While studying, I led a paper that proposed a novel way to evaluate Healthcare-centric LLMs. The required research and conversations with medical professionals strengthened my conviction in the power of technology to drive positive impact, motivating me to contribute to its advancement.

Becoming an Investor at 3VC was something I jumped at. Backing incredible individuals tackling important problems is something I look forward to everyday. Whether it's a strategic discussion or a 3AM emergency call, I'm committed to doing all I can to support our founders.

I am always happy to chat about

Fitness (niche training, nutrition, and recovery topics), coffee (why flat whites are without a doubt the best), and F1 (especially the ending of the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix).

7 countries on 4 continents

Having lived in countries ranging from Italy to Singapore to Australia, I have a deep appreciation for diverse perspectives and life experiences. I am always open to a conversation and love being able to leave one with my beliefs challenged and having learnt something new.

The books I recommend most

The Count of Monte Cristo, One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, and The Alchemist.