Peter Lasinger

Founder & Partner

I co-founded 3VC in 2017. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by technology and the ‘superpowers’ it gives us. That’s why I studied IT as a student, eventually obtaining a PhD in business informatics.

Even as a student, I always had the desire to learn more. I taught myself to code and, I spent my holidays learning about various topics that piqued my interest, such as DNA and datagram networks. This desire to expand my knowledge carried over into my career, where I challenged myself as an entrepreneur and then a consultant, which led me to mergers and acquisitions and eventually venture capital.

Learning is the heart of success

To achieve something great, you have to go beyond the status quo. And to do this, you need more than just raw talent—you need proper support and guidance. Our ultimate goal in creating 3VC was to build a VC that unites the best entrepreneurs, resources, and support network to give founders what they need to achieve success and drive humanity forward.

It’s deeply rewarding to be in a position that challenges me and that requires continuous learning, while also having a real-world impact. I’m energized and inspired by the people I work with. And I’m a true believer in the fact that failure does not mean defeat—rather, it’s an opportunity to learn something new.

Growth as a lifelong pursuit

Personal development has always played a key role in my work, but it’s also something I value when it comes to my free time.

Tae Kwon Do - I’ve embraced martial art not just for what it demands physically, but also as a lifelong journey of self-improvement and discipline. I'm a black belt and instructor.

Piano - I’m passionate about playing piano because of the transformative power of creating art over merely consuming it. For me, the piano isn’t just an instrument, but a means of personal expression.

Stranger than fiction?

I’m an avid reader and one of my current favorite books is Marc-Uwe Kling’s “QualityLand”. I was captivated by his prescient take on AI’s evolution and impact on society and highly recommend it to anyone who appreciates how speculative fiction can mirror or anticipate real-world technological advances.