Peter Lasinger

Founder & Partner

I am fascinated by technology, how it can give superpowers, free us from burdens and drive positive change. That’s why I studied IT, conducted research, obtained a PhD.

I’m in search of game changing ideas, powerful technologies and ultimately extraordinary people who bring all this together to create something meaningful. My search started as a pupil, who wanted more from school, teaching myself to code from books and spending my holidays with others obsessed to understand DNA or datagram networks. I started to understand that the right teachers, supporters and fellows really matter.

After my studies and not being able to grow my bootstrapped company, I continued my search as a consultant. This led me to M&A, and six years later, I started to invest for a seed VC.

For me it is truly rewarding and meaningful to be in a position that is challenging and requires constant learning, but at the same time entails responsibility that permits impact.

What 3VC means to me

The greatest successes are the ones earned hard, not being satisfied with the status quo but going further. I learned this many times. During my studies, in playing the piano, in programming or in training to become a black belt. Talent is not enough, it’s about exercise and guidance.

That’s why Roman and I created 3VC. A venture catalyst that unites the best entrepreneurs, resources and supporters. In a mission to help create sustainable organisations that drive humanity forward.

What drives me is the enthusiasm, passion and energy that I get from working with and learning from the best people as well as the acknowledgment that failure does not mean defeat, but rather a chance to learn something new.

Personal growth as a lifelong journey

I'm an avid taekwondo enthusiast, embracing the martial art, not just for its physical demands but as a lifelong journey of self-improvement and discipline. It's a testament to my belief in the never-ending pursuit of personal growth, both mentally and physically.

As a passionate piano player, valuing the transformative power of creating art over merely consuming it. For me, the piano is not just an instrument but a means of personal expression, highlighting the importance of diverse forms of self-expression in enriching life.