Ada Moldoveanu

Marketing & Community

3VC’s motto is “by founders for founders” and I couldn’t have found a better fit at this stage in my development as I do here.

At 3VC, the team is independent, yet closely knit together, and it provides an environment where I have the flexibility to shift priorities based on the daily needs.

In my journey so far I was lucky to be a part of two successful Viennese startups. I feel blessed to have seen firsthand their development. And there is no better place to feel the impact of your work than being part of a growing company.

I believe one of the biggest challenges of a fast-growing company is whether the people can sustain the same growth pace as the numbers. I often wonder if hitting the (number) goals affects the team and its culture. How would the outcome differ if the focus is equally split between KPIs and culture? 

I am pleased to see more VCs supporting the personal development of teams, and even happier to be a part of a team where that's a clear focus.