Gerald Pollak


Gerald Pollak

When 3VC approached me with the unexpected opportunity to become part of their team, I was excited by the combination of 3VC being a newly established fund and the entrepreneurial spirit in the team. Working at 3VC feels like working in a “VC startup”.

Grasping unexpected opportunities has been a successful career strategy for me since the beginning of my professional career. Shortly after I turned 20 the chance to start working at Apple in Austria opened up. After my very first real job interview in my life I got a call from my future manager asking me again if I would manage to commit 100% to a job at Apple and finish my full-time bachelor degree at the same time. I have always been drawn to big challenges that drive me outside my comfort zone, so the answer was a clear and dedicated yes. 3 years after that interview, hundreds of slides, a couple of very exciting projects and invaluable learnings later I had to admit to myself that corporate life is not going to make me happy in my twenties. Thus, I decided to pivot my career and went to London and Shanghai for a masters degree and decide what’s next.

There is a regular reminder in my calendar to check whether I am on a path of personal growth I am satisfied with. I want to keep pushing my boundaries, physically and intellectually. The job in venture capital made me read into diverse areas like quantum computing, 3D asset optimisation or female mental health. Through conversations with founders there is something new I can learn on a daily basis.

The ability to effectively learn and process new information and ideas is for me one of the most important skills in venture capital.

Many friends of mine think the quintessence of venture capital is “handling a lot of money” but actually venture capital is about “working with incredible people”, and these people are the motivator for me to get up even on rainy Monday mornings.