simpleclub founders & CEOs Alex Giesecke and Nicolai Schork

simpleclub is a leading AI-powered all-in-one learning platform for vocational training.

simpleclub provides a modern educational platform to bridge the shortage of trainers in companies and vocational teachers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. These challenges will increase in an aging society. simpleclub's solution directly tackles this issue by providing both a platform loved by trainers for it increases their efficiency and better access to education for aspiring trainees, which, in turn, translates into a better qualified workforce.

Starting as a Youtube channel, simpleclub has evolved into a successful B2C platform with over 2 million users. Their recent entry to the B2B market has been highly successful, over 300 corporate partners and significant revenue growth in just two years.

Leading vocational educational platform
300+ companies
using their B2B platform
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May 15, 2024

Why we invested in simpleclub