Why we invested in simpleclub

Published on May 15, 2024
by Eva Arh and Federico RC

We are excited to announce that we led a €4 million venture round in simpleclub with participation from HV Capital and 10x Founders.

simpleclub is a leading AI-powered all-in-one learning platform for vocational training.

simpleclub founders & CEOs Nico Schork and Alex Giesecke
simpleclub founders & CEOs Nico Schork and Alex Giesecke


We invested in simpleclub because of three compelling reasons:

  • Addressing a critical need: simpleclub provides a modern educational platform to bridge the shortage of trainers in companies and vocational teachers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. These challenges will increase in an aging society. simpleclub's solution directly tackles this issue by providing both a platform loved by trainers for it increases their efficiency and better access to education for aspiring trainees, which, in turn, translates into a better qualified workforce.
  • Fast growing: Starting as a Youtube channel, simpleclub has evolved into a successful B2C platform with over 2 million users. Their recent entry to the B2B market has been highly successful, over 300 corporate partners and significant revenue growth in just two years. This strong growth trajectory demonstrates the company's ability to adapt and capture market opportunities effectively, as well as the extent of the challenge on the companies’ side to hire. 
  • Strong leadership: Co-CEOs Alexander Giesecke and Nicolai Schork, who are school friends and the founders of simpleclub, have shown resilience and determination throughout their journey. Their commitment to the mission of improving vocational education, coupled with their proven stamina, instills confidence in the company's future success.


The shortage of skilled labor cannot be solved in the status quo. There are not enough trainers in companies and teachers in vocational schools. In addition, many apprentices have learning gaps that need to be addressed. As vocational schools struggle to innovate themselves to meet demand, companies need to look at alternative solutions such as simpleclub. While there are a few legacy solutions to choose from, we believe simpleclub has built the most loved and compelling proposition to bridge the gap between supply and demand of apprentices, which is underscored by its impressive traction and customers’ satisfaction. The AI-powered all-in-one learning platform helps to release the burden on teachers and trainers and support them in qualifying their trainees.


The future of vocational schools is set for a dynamic transformation. By harnessing the power of interactive modules and personalized content, vocational education becomes more engaging and accessible than ever before. This innovative approach not only enhances skill acquisition but also empowers students to learn at their own pace, regardless of location or background. With simpleclub leading the charge, digital learning solutions are positioned to revolutionize skilled labor development, ensuring that students are equipped with the practical skills needed to thrive in the workplace.

A warm welcome onboard, simpleclub!
Eva Arh and Federico Rota Candiani

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