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Meet the 3VC Team: Eva Arh

Eva is a Principal at 3VC

Eva has joined Peter and Roman in the very beginning of setting up the fund in 2017. Her focus includes enterprise businesses, infrastructure and health tech, where she led 3VC's partnerships with

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3VC Venture Partners: Introducing Marius Istrate

Growth Strategist, ex-Chief People Officer at UiPath

Marius Istrate is a hybrid work advocate and ex-Chief People Officer for UiPath, where he grew the company from 120 to 3000 people in the span of 3 years.

Marius is...

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capital300 is now 3VC

Roman and Peter founded capital300 three years ago to build a venture catalyst that unites the best entrepreneurs, resources and support in the European GSA and CEE region.

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What we are looking for

We partner with exceptional founders, who want to building game-changing businesses with significant total addressable market.

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Why we partner with Kaia Health

We love to work with exceptional entrepreneurs who pursue big ideas that advance humanity through technological innovations. Just like the Kaia team, who is on a mission to treat chronic back pain and other health issues, cheaper and accessible to...

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Why we partner with Lokalise

We believe in entrepreneurs with big ideas and the willpower to execute them – to ultimately impact the world in a positive way. Just like the Lokalise team who are on a mission to eliminate the hassle of localisation - the process of adapting and...

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