Why we partner with Avi Medical - revolutionizing primary healthcare

Published on Jun 7, 2021

Avi Medical provides better care and service to patients by fundamentally fixing how primary care is done. We warmly welcome Christoph, Julian, Vlad, and the incredible team to the 3VC family and look forward to creating a better patient journey together!

Avi Medical Team

Primary care in crisis: overrun medical practices, excessive bureaucracy

When we met the founding team of Avi Medical for the first time, we had two types of thoughts: this is crazy; this is genius! They had just told us that they planned to rebuild the German primary care system from scratch. 

The pain Avi Medical solves is very relatable for all of us: the hassle involved when trying to see a primary care physician. You know the story: you receive an appointment far in the future, you endure a long wait at the office, and then you spend 10 minutes (at best) with the physician—half of which is spent looking for and discussing your medical history. 

It’s often a frustrating experience for both the patient and the physician. In a world where we talk to our grandparents via video chat and get same-day or next-day deliveries on virtually anything, this primary care experience seems outdated.

A new concept that combines the best of medicine and software

We have been looking at a lot of solutions that were addressing this: large but single issues in the healthcare system like telehealth providers, practice management systems, etc. However, we always came to the conclusion that something has to be changed at the heart of the problem: the lack of digitization and efficiency in the patient’s journey. 

If something is fundamentally broken you need to build it from the ground up! 

"Our vision is to provide superior medical outcomes through the hands of physicians using the power of data. We want to become the most trusted brand in primary care by building technology and operating models that profoundly improve the quality and experience of primary care for doctors and patients."

Medical practices fit for the modern era

Avi Medical’s software ecosystem includes a patient app covering the whole patient journey, from booking an appointment over pre-triage, telehealth consultations, the office visit, and patient history. The physician and practice staff get support to focus more on the value-adding work that they love and less on administrative tasks. 

Avi Medical is also an attractive employer for digital-savvy young doctors who increasingly do not want to run their own practices. The company has now opened its first three primary care practices in Munich.

A founding team determined to fundamentally change the healthcare system

The dream team of Avi Medical complements each other perfectly in skills and experience. All of the founders have the desire to make a real change in the primary care system. 

Vlad Lata (CEO) previously co-founded KONUX, a highly successful German startup bringing predictive maintenance to the railway infrastructure. Christoph Baumeister (Chief Product Officer) is a serial entrepreneur who previously founded nello.io and has proven that he can lead teams that make great products. Julian Kley (Chief Operations Officer and medical doctor) left BCG where he worked in the health sector in order to join Avi Medical.

26,000 primary care practices and a total yearly turnover of €17bn – in Germany alone

We believe that the German market with 26,000 primary care practices and a total yearly turnover of €17bn provides a great opportunity to build a business, and we also see opportunities in other European countries since the issues that Avi Medical is addressing are not native to Germany only. 

If we can make patients more satisfied and doctors more efficient so they can spend more time with the patients that need it, there is no doubt that patients and doctors will identify the Avi Medical brand with superior primary care.

Teaming up with international investors to bring primary care to the 21st century 

3VC joins existing investors Picus Capital, Vorwerk Ventures, Nat Turner and Zach Weinberg (Founders of Flatiron Health), and Daniel Dines (Founder of UiPath) in the 28.5 million euro Series A round led by Addition and Heal Capital. We’re looking forward to a hell of a ride redefining how primary care will look like in the future!

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