Supercharging Web3 development through our investment in Tatum

Published on Oct 14, 2022

We're excited to announce that we have doubled down on Tatum's $41.5M funding round, led by Evolution Equity Partners, and with participation from existing investors Octopus Ventures, Tensor Ventures, Depo Ventures, Leadblock Partners, Circle and founders of Bitpanda.

Tatum team including co-founders Jiri Kobelka and Samuel Sramko
Tatum team including co-founders Jiri Kobelka and Samuel Sramko

Web3 is just warming up

Even though everyone is talking about the crypto winter, Web3 development is actually at an all-time high. There is a massive need for developer tools and infrastructure providers to ease and speed up development in Web3.

The industry is ready for the next applications like DeFi or NFTs that make use of new blockchain protocols.

With new tech comes new complexity

Even with the immense potential, there are only about 18K Web3 developers. This represents just 0.07% of the 27M software developers worldwide.

The number is so low because blockchain applications are still immature, unstable, and operate under different rules than traditional Web2 applications. There are also less tools, infrastructure, and frameworks available.

The complexity of blockchain protocols and layers needs to be understood before progress can be made.

Closing the Web3 knowledge gap

We believe that every developer should be able to easily and securely build their favorite blockchain app.

Tatum is addressing this Web3 inaccessibility and knowledge gap by laying the groundwork for Web2 developers to build, test, and run blockchain apps in Web3 without any specific coding or protocol knowledge. The Tatum platform simplifies the creation of complex blockchain operations into single lines of application code, streamlining the entire Web 3.0 development process. From common blockchain operations to ones with powerful pre-built features such as smart contracts, fee and payment solutions, real-time alerts, virtual accounts, out-of-the-box crypto-exchange functions and an unbreakable key management system, Tatum’s comprehensive and easy-to-use features can reduce development time by as much as 95%.

Tatum is for Web3 what AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud have become for Web2 applications. 

Developers love Tatum's tech

Tatum has over 90K customers and adds over 7K new ones per month. The framework incorporates 42 different protocols and integrates the use of APIs to fit into existing development processes.

Individual developers, traditional Web2 businesses experimenting in the metaverse, and Web3 scaleups outsourcing their in-house infrastructures all love Tatum for its simplicity, stability, and superior technological advancements.

Become one of Tatum's BUILDers

Over the past year, we've been privileged to get to know founders Jiri Kobelka and Samuel Sramko. We're deeply impressed by the team's technical experience, and they're looking for more superstars to join them.

If you're a curious developer who wants to experiment with Web3, you can start building in Tatum for free.

We can’t wait to see what’s created!

We couldn't be more excited to partner with the Tatum team and empower their mission to enable every Web2 developer and company to build the blockchain apps of their dreams.

Blockchains are an incredible set of protocols to power a new breed of applications. Tatum breaks down barriers of entry to allow every developer and every company to build and run web3 services - better, faster and cheaper.

Peter Lasinger
Peter Lasinger,
Partner at 3VC
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