Petra Moravcova


I've joined 3VC for several great reasons!

Firstly, because of the regional focus. I love the fact that 3VC partners up with exceptional founders not only in the GSA region but also in the CEE. I have a naturally strong connection to it because I was born in the Czech post-communist era. I see so many awesome companies being born every day and ambitious founders who want to go big. I'd love to help bridge this talented pool with all the amazing benefits 3VC brings to the table in order to unlock the unicorn potential that is there.

Secondly, because 3VC is very international and based in a different country than where I come from. As a cosmopolitan person myself, moving to a different city is always exciting and a little stressful too. Ultimately, it broadens your horizons, pushes you out of your comfort zone, and helps you put things into different perspectives. I felt an urge that if I want to succeed in this industry and be a great partner to the startup founders, I need to push my limits too.

Last but not least, because of the genuine team and shared values we have! During the interview process, I felt that I went through proper due diligence. I could really get to know everyone closely and understand how I would fit in (especially because I don't have a traditional VC background). Also how much I can learn from everyone on the team, because the knowledge combined is truly a powerhouse. I was amazed how diversity is nurtured here, or the partnership entrepreneur approach with the startups 3VC invests into (in contrast to the complete hands-off attitude some VC funds have). Passion, curiosity, and resilience are the key ingredients that glue this team together. I simply wanted to play with this team in the game.

Believe it or not, the whole journey that led me to where I am today started during my studies in the school of architecture. I wanted to design and build visionary buildings and cities for people. As an architect, you have to learn so many other disciplines in order to come up with kick-ass solutions - it's natural problem-solving. Moving all the way to Shanghai in order to level up my architectural knowledge during the master's program. I got to an inflection point on my architectural journey realising how limited the physical space is and how much I could leverage this architectural mindset of connecting-the-dots while having the user in the centre of the process in the digital world. Surrounded by many aspiring entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts I started my entrepreneurial beginnings as a freelance designer. Actually, many would wonder but architecture is pretty similar to how software is being built - you have to understand your target audience, their problems, desires and ultimately come up with solutions that are trying to resolve these problems and satisfy people's needs in the most desirable, feasible and viable way.

Moving back to Prague, designing, prototyping, and validating was my daily bread and butter. I kept myself busy working with various startups based in Europe, China, or Silicon Valley as a freelancer, also in a software agency soon to be acquired by a cybersecurity European unicorn. Later on rooted in this big tech company focused on product discovery, hungry to learn new and constantly at the frontier of innovation helped me to iterate myself into a more product-focused role influencing product roadmaps and strategies building unique features that are far ahead of the competition and launching them in the market.

With this enriching experience, I thought how amazing it would be to get into the dynamics of the break-&-make startup attitude again. I found out that all my key drivers are very well aligned with what the VC industry offers: a place where I can satisfy my curiosity and cravings for all the new at its best and all its breadth like learning about cutting-edge technology, getting intimate with emerging markets, scouting new companies, connecting and enabling ambitious founders and together as a team contributing to a positive change. And so I managed to put my foot in the door.

If I would sum up my journey described above, I discovered that I am simply very curious to learn new things and get myself into the world of the unknown and uncomfortable.

Looking back and reflecting on this journey, I also want to emphasise that this journey of mine would not have been possible without amazing people that I have met along the path who challenged, influenced, and mentored me and accelerated my personal growth to where I am today. I am very thankful for that.

When you work with passionate people who want to solve big problems that push humanity forward, it's this energy and mindset that drives me. I love thinking not about what is now but what could be and making it work or helping to enable it.

At 3VC, I want to become a better VC version of myself every day. By learning from the team, founders and together raising the European unicorn index! Very much excited about this journey!