Kirsten Rock-Poeltl

Marketing & Community

I have joined 3VC to work closely with different entrepreneurs on different ideas, sharing one belief: changing our tomorrows for the better.

My journey to 3VC is a wild mix of experiences that have one thing in common: vibrant work environments that are a bit out of the ordinary.

I worked in the fashion industry until I was 21 and then got a degree in international business – it felt like the least common denominator for a generalist like me. Moving to Hamburg, I worked for a German advertising agency, a brand consultancy, got a Master’s degree in entrepreneurship, founded my own startup (on paper), and then joined the – at that time – most valuable startup worldwide. I was aiming to work for employer brands, known for being the best in their field. While this means working in an environment of smart and motivated people, successfully established companies come with bureaucratic structures, rules and hierarchies. In hindsight, it became clear to me that I am not the “corporate type”. So, in September 2019, I took a leap of faith and decided to join a “startup VC”: 3VC.

I think that working in the startup ecosystem is special: it’s unordered, turbulent – at times chaotic – but also: inspiring, dynamic, and exciting.

I’ve found a place that feels like I belong there: being part of a team that is always working together and pushing boundaries. Together, we work with visionaries making their ideas become reality. 3VC, to me, is a place where people are building something that lasts, leaving a mark – and maybe, even a legacy.