Hanh Huynh


Hanh Huynh 3VC

I have always been inspired by people being able to forge their own path in life, especially if it involves challenging objectives and career paths.

I feel privileged to work in an environment at 3VC where we can back those people who dare to bring their vision into reality and actively support them on their journey to scale their company into a global business.

Being part of a team that contributes to society by backing those technology-driven ideas and teams makes me proud, since, in the past, technology has helped societies all over the world to solve the most complex and pressing issues.

Therefore, I am even more glad that my search for job opportunities in Venture Capital led me to 3VC’s website where I was immediately impressed by their co-investment strategy and their team approach. Since the very first day at 3VC, I have enjoyed working with this exceptional, highly driven, and complementary team.

Prior to 3VC, I had the opportunity to see the Investor – Startup-relationship from the startup perspective at Westwing. In addition to that, I spent some time at Amazon and a leading US law firm.