Alexander Marktl

Venture Partner
Alexander Marktl

Alex is a natural-born entrepreneur who started ventures before finishing high-school. His specialities include identifying and executing large-scale consumer Internet services with a focus on mobile apps. Alex supports our companies in their growth and marketing strategy.

Why 3VC?

The best investors are successful entrepreneurs themselves. 3VC is an investor that is built by and for entrepreneurs. The people at 3VC understand what it means to build a company from scratch, what the challenges are, and how to help with the right expertise at the right time. On top of that, they share my vision and ambition that Europe can, will, and must produce not just one, but several Unicorns to remain relevant globally.

Co-Founder & CEO of iTranslate

What really kick-started my entrepreneurial career was the advent of the first iPhone. Back then, we - a group of young students - were convinced that the iPhone was going to revolutionise the mobile phone and we jumped on that train instantly, even dropping out of university. Around that time we started playing around with the idea to create a mobile dictionary and translation app that eventually became iTranslate. In September 2015, Apple COO Jeff Williams presented our app to Apple fans as one of his personal favourites on stage as part of a special event keynote. Today, iTranslate is one of the biggest mobile apps out of Europe with several hundreds of millions of downloads and millions of active users.