3VC is a European venture capital group that invests in a carefully handpicked group of European technology startups with global ambition. Focusing on Series A, 3VC’s entrepreneurial team provides tireless support and access to an international network of partners. 3VC backs category-defining companies like Assaia, Kaia Health, Lokalise, Picsart, Storyblok, and Tatum.

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Katja Molotkova

Katja Molotkova


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“We’re closing the creative gap by helping brands and agencies create, customize, and scale their ads and visual content production. AI comes to enhance our solution, making the creative workflow simpler and faster, and increasing users’ capabilities to manage their creatives across all formats, channels, and markets.” - Dan Oros, CEO

"There are three main reasons we've chosen 3VC as our strategic partner. First, the ability to make a rapid decision when it came to evaluation and financial approvals. Secondly, the added value of networking and talent acquisition. Last, but not least is the personal chemistry and general vision alignment." – Nick Ustinov, Co-founder & CEO

Petr Antropov & Nick Ustinov

"Europe is a market that is getting increasingly important for Picsart, in regard to talent, users and business opportunities. It is great to have 3VC as an investor, who truly understands the European market while applying a Silicon Valley investor mindset."

Hovhannes Ayovan
Co-founder & CEO

"As 3VC had already added value to our company long before they invested in us, it was an easy decision for us to choose to partner with them. 3VC and their entire team deliver far more than we expected. They helped us with their amazing connections to potential hires, they ask tough and challenging questions and introduced us to many customer/collaboration opportunities." – Dominik Angerer, Co-founder & CEO

Dominik Angerer & Alexander Feiglstorfer

"We chose to partner up with 3VC because they showed us early on that they are not afraid to take big bets and question fundamental structures, like in our case the broken primary care service across Europe. On top of that, Eva and Peter really have a profound understanding of the healthcare market and know how to work with entrepreneurs" – Vlad Lata, CEO & Co-founder

Julian Kley, Christoph Baumeister & Vlad Lata

Avi Medical Co-Founders

"We were looking for partners who understand our vision and the way how to get there. It's easy to find a partner when everything is going well, but only a good partner will support you even when you hit some bumps along the way. 3VC was an absolute no brainer." – Jiri Kobelka, Co-founder & CEO

Jiri Kobelka & Samuel Sramko

"We chose to partner with 3VC for three reasons: First, we like the US focus. Second, we were looking for an investor who really understands the healthcare market. And the third important reason is that Peter really understands computer vision technology. And this is a core USP of us, with a big part of our product team being focused on developing the computer vision technology." – Konstantin Mehl, CEO & Co-founder

Manuel Thurner & Konstantin Mehl

"There’s 2 types of startup investors: -those with a finance background, and those with a company-building background. I believe that entrepreneurs-turned-investors are, by far, in the best position to help early stage startups building a truly great business. Roman, Peter, and the entire 3VC team are helping us, on an almost daily basis, with advice, sharing their experiences, and hands-on support. Their support is invaluable for us." – Max Diez, Co-founder & CEO

Dmitry Chugreev, Max Diez & Nikolay Kobyshev

"Roman, Eva and Peter have been invaluable in building a bridge to Tier 1 VCs around the world, especially the Valley. The 3VC team is supporting and challenging us from day 1 around our strategies for especially growth and monetisation. In my experience there are not many investors in Europe who can really motivate founders in such a positive way and 3VC definitely belongs to them." – Alessio Avellan Borgmeyer, Co-founder & CEO

Tim Schmitz & Alessio Avellan Borgmeyer

"The team members of 3VC are amazing partners. From the very first minute, we have received great feedback about all kinds of technical and business topics connected with SaaS. The interpersonal relationship and the mode of working together is great. Our partnership has been focused and productive so far. And last, but not least, 3VC has provided a very helpful network of technical and business contacts." – Max Limper, Co-founder & CTO

Julian-Alexander Neagu, Miguel Sousa, Felix Limper & Max Limper

"3VC has been the most proactive investor of Gamee and proved to be a partner for both good and difficult times. They identified and helped structure an acquisition deal for Gamee, that will enable the company to grow within a larger group." – Bozena Rezap, Co-founder & CEO

Lukas Stibor, Miroslav Chmelka, Bozena Rezab & Jan Castek


"The 3VC team is highly motivated, really involved and dedicated working with DeepCode. They have lots of expertise and a deep understanding of our highly complex platform. In addition, the team shares our vision of solving many global problems by removing software as a bottleneck of rapid development." – Boris Paskalev, Co-founder & CEO

Martin Vechev, Boris Paskalev & Veselin Raychev


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