Meet the 3VC Team: Introducing Eva Arh

Eva is a Principal at 3VC

Eva has joined Peter and Roman in the very beginning of setting up the fund in 2017. Her focus includes enterprise businesses, infrastructure and health tech, where she led 3VC's partnerships with Lokalise and Nethone.

Why 3VC?

I strongly believe that the region needs more stories like Skype back in the days, educating and creating a wave of the next generation founders that build global businesses. I am thrilled to contribute to the emergence of the region, 3VC being one of the puzzle pieces.

What’s your journey that led you where you are today?

I have had the privilege to previously work with the tech talent from the region, working with academic founders at Austria’s biggest high-tech incubator, being a sparring partner and providing hands-on help related to customer development, internationalisation and financing. I fell in love with tech as I joined an IoT company upon finishing my studies, also learning how important it is to figure out the product-market fit as early as possible, building a solution that users or customers are actively searching for, and enjoy using.

What did you discover on this journey, what are you curious about?

Since then, I have enjoyed every single conversation with founders, eager to understand what drives them, how they act when challenges and opportunities arise, and also learning from their journeys. Trust is fundamental in those partnerships.

What drives you? What’s your outlook?

While I have a particular interest in enterprise businesses, enabling infrastructure and health tech, I am always up for diving into frontier technologies and exploring how they contribute to the advancement of our society and how 3VC can become part of and add value to that journey.

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About Eva

Before joining 3VC, Eva worked with founders at Austria’s biggest high-tech incubator, leading activities related to fundraising & internationalisation. She also served as a CFO and Investor Relations manager in tech startups.

Eva is a Latvian native and holds a MA in International Management / CEMS from Vienna University of Economics and Business. She has been recognised by Forbes 30 Under 30 „Investment“.

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