Fostering inclusion while striving for diversity

We have joined the global #MovingForward initiative to support tech industry’s efforts in creating diverse and inclusive environments, which is crucial for building successful, innovative companies.

There is a general consensus within the tech industry that there are still ongoing challenges regarding diversity. Even though research studies (e.g. by McKinsey) as well as our experience shows that companies with diverse teams outperform. Still, we are all confronted with very low percentages of women and minorities in tech companies or in VC funds.

To address the diversity issues at its roots, new programs have been and are being launched that focus on and support women and minorities who are eager to build competences and companies in the tech field. Unfortunately, such programs alone are not solving the issue. We believe that the company’s culture plays an important role to actually keep skilled women and minorities in the tech industry. (Studies show that, for example, women often leave the tech industry because they feel treated unfairly, have less chances to advance etc.)

We are convinced that building an inclusive, harassment free work environment where everyone feels safe, respected and appreciated is a first step to attract top talent, irrespective of their race, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, parental status or other marginalised characteristics.

We are very happy to see that the tech industry increasingly acknowledges and addresses the diversity and harassment issues. While national anti-harassment legislations mostly govern the internal interactions, we welcome initiatives such as #MovingForward. It is endorsed by leading VC funds like Bessemer, Accel, Sequoia, Andreessen Horowitz or Greylock and invites VC funds to think, care about and commit to fostering diversity and building inclusive relationships also with third parties, especially but not limited to founders.

At capital300 we want to create an inclusive environment and welcome everyone to our community in order to build successful and enduring companies together.

You can familiarise yourself with our code of conduct here.

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