capital300 is now 3VC – Why we’re rebranding

Roman and Peter founded capital300 three years ago to build a venture catalyst that unites the best entrepreneurs, resources and support in the European GSA and CEE region.

With Eva joining Peter and Roman from the very beginning, we have now grown into a diverse and ambitious team of six: Roman, Peter, Eva, Gerald, Ruben and Kirsten. And, we’re about to grow our team as we prepare for the future.

capital300 is a well established VC fund today

With a primary focus on Series A rounds, we have so far partnered with 14 select companies led by entrepreneurs with big ideas and the determination to drive humanity forward.

To support these visionary founders in the best possible setup, we’ve co-invested in syndicates with Tier 1 funds (eg. member of Forbes’ Midas List) including Sequoia Capital, Index Ventures, Draper Associates, Floodgate and Mike Chalfen.

A portfolio of category leaders

Our portfolio includes AI-enabled solutions for airports by Assaia, automated ID verification by Authenteq, Digital Therapeutics by Kaia Health, the leading localisation platform Lokalise, the creative photo and video editing platform PicsArt, and the headless CMS by Storyblok.

We support our portfolio companies along the way – all the way – to grow beyond Europe and become global success stories.

Two of our portfolio companies, DeepCode and Gamee, have already been acquired by industry leaders.

The new brand: 3VC

Reflecting on our 3-year journey, we've learned that the capital300 brand does not properly communicate our vision and values. That is why we’ve decided on a strategic rebranding: capital300 is now 3VC. We continue to use the “3” in our brand name, as well as in visual form in the logo.

3VC unites 3 groups of select, like-minded stakeholders: European Founders from the GSA & CEE region, Leading Global VCs and Regional Fund Investors.

And 3VC will invest in 3 stages: Seed, Series A/B, Growth

We will continue to stand out with a strong entrepreneurial DNA, a high-conviction investment strategy and emphasize our focus on quality, not quantity, with a diverse team, acting as one.

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