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Published on Oct 23, 2020

We partner with exceptional founders, who want to build game-changing businesses with a significant total addressable market.

3VC unicorn

Our mission is to increase the odds of the most ambitious teams to build large and enduring companies. Aside from an investment, we will contribute all our network and experience as founders and investors in addition to joining forces with the best international investor and platforms that will help you scale your business.

We know that raising money can be a distraction. Thus we appreciate your time and will do our best to provide candid feedback fast. Due to the huge amounts of teams approaching us, we might not respond to everyone - especially if your endeavor is out of the scope of our fund. Therefore we make our criteria as transparent as possible, to ensure an efficient process on both sides.

Investment Focus

We typically invest € 1 - 4 million in a € 2 - 20 million Series A round with the ability to follow-on. Teams should aim to solve huge problems with the help of software, regardless of industry or business model (B2B, B2C,…). Due to our network and experiences, we focus on teams from GSA and CEE with the ambition to scale globally.

capital300 investment focus

Investment Criteria

Our decision criteria focus around 5Ts: Team, TAM, Technology, Traction, and Terms.

capital300 investment criteria

Help us to get to know you

So what information should you provide when you first approach us? Ideally, you provide us with all relevant information via our online form. To give us a hint you came through this page best add #capital300 to the question “Anything else you would like to tell us?”

Regarding the pitch deck, our friends at Sequoia have published a great article, summing it up, which we adapted slightly:

  • Company purpose (Vision/Mission)
  • Problem (customer pain, how it is addressed now)
  • Solution (value proposition, demo/video/screenshots)
  • Product (features, tech, IP, development road-map)
  • Team (who are you, background, talents, experiences)
  • Timing (why now, the evolution of category, trends)
  • Market (how many users/customers for your service, does it grow)
  • Competition (better disclose them all than let us find some later, outline how you differ)
  • Business model (pricing, account size or lifetime value, sales and distribution model, pipeline)
  • Financials + Key Metrics (keep it simple and focused on the most important KPIs)
  • Use of Funds (how would you spend the money (e.g. headcount) to achieve specific milestones)
  • Cap Table (who has invested, how much, any loans and/or options issued)

Also feel free to use our template as inspiration or starting point, where we also included more references and links to examples.

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